photo    Picture description: A black and white photo of Tessa, Elodie, Alina, and Karen sitting in their wheel chairs on the balcony of Anchor Navy.  There are trees and a big house in the background.  

Anchor Navy has had a lot of change over the last couple of months.  Though these changes have mostly been exciting, we’ve experienced a few challenges, some small and some large.  For example, it took some creative maneuvering figuring out how we would make enough room for twin beds to moved in as we moved baby cribs out.  As we welcomed the 4 new girls from Ongole, that brings the total number of children living in Anchor Navy to 14.  We also still have Annie (18 years)  with us as she’s receiving medical care here in Hyderabad.  Once she is healthy she will shift back to her home in Ongole.  So that’s technically 15 under the care of Navy!  Our days are full and look a lot different then they used to as the majority of our kids are non-mobile and non-verbal.  We focus on changing positions of the kids frequently to help them work on different muscle groups as well as sensory input throughout the day as much as possible.  We also use communication devices during circle time as well as during class time with our kids who are able.

With all of this growth and change in the home, we have so many needs right now.  This is the perfect opportunity to partner with Anchor Navy as we have many exciting areas of need.  Take a look and consider becoming a monthly sponsor in one of these areas or you can give a one time donation to help us continue to provide these amazing kids with what they deserve!

We would love to see Keren, Alina, Tessa, and Elodie fully sponsored.  These are the 4 girls that were recently moved up from one of our Ongole homes.  By sponsoring a child you are helping provide them with 3 meals and 1 snack a day, as well as clean drinking water, medications, caregivers salaries, a safe home to live in, as well as many other needs.  In return you will receive quarterly updates on these cute little ladies!


photo description:  A four block photo picturing Keren, Alina, Tessa, and Elodie from left to right.

Karen needs $250.00 a month.  https://schindia.kindful.com/?campaign=250110

Alina needs $250.00 a month. https://schindia.kindful.com/?campaign=250111

Tessa needs $190.00 a month.  https://schindia.kindful.com/?campaign=250109

Elodie needs $100.00 a month.  https://schindia.kindful.com/?campaign=250178

Another way you can partner with Anchor Navy is by helping pay the salary of our physio therapist.  Her work and her heart have benefited the kids of Anchor Home for a year and a half now and she is truly making a difference in these kids’ lives.  Kerithus’ salary is $181.00 a month.  If you would like to partner with Kerithu in her amazing work, you can follow this link.  Consider making a commitment of $25.00 a month or more, you won’t be disappointed!

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Picture description:  Photo of Kerithu sitting on a small chair, she is smiling and supporting Connor as he’s practicing standing as she’s supporting him at his waist.  

Kerithu needs $181.00 a month.  https://schindia.kindful.com/?campaign=251003

Have you met Annie?  Annie has been living in Anchor Navy since December as she’s needed medical care here in Hyderabad.  Annie is a spunky 18 year old girl and we’ve really enjoyed having her in our home.  She has really run up a bill here and we could use some help covering her medical costs.  We love being able to help give Annie the care she needs!

Annie needs $500.00 to help cover the medical bills she’s accumulated since December.  Follow this link to help cover her bill.  https://schindia.kindful.com/?campaign=256391


Picture description:  Annie is sitting in a chair and smiling at the camera.  Caregiver, Paidama is sitting beside her with a hand on Annie’s shoulder.

Thanks for taking a look at some of our needs and opportunities where you can partner with our kids here at Anchor Navy.  We are fortunate to be able to provide excellent care for all of these children and young adults and would not be able to do it without you partnering with us!  We do have many needs, sometimes it feels overwhelming, but we are so grateful for the opportunity to give these kids what the best, because they, like us, are all created in the image of God!